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MOBTAMO GEOSPATIAL SERVICES (MGS) under the umbrella of MOBTAMO NIGERIA LIMITED, a certified Company, a business endeavour offering innovative, value-added Engineering and Spatial Technology Solutions to our customers.

We carry out our services through focused, innovative, efficient, quality products offered in all areas of spatial technology and applications. Commenced services in 2019, MGS presently has its office at Abuja, Nigeria where she addreses the needs of local urban bodies, businesses and Government organizations. 

We at MGS, provide you with ultimate Geospatial Solutions, accurate data mapping and management services. Data is at the core of what we do and we endeavour towards infusing on accurately measured and calibrated data. This data has proven to be the core foundation upon which critical business decisions are taken. Our crew of professionals is immensely skilled at data mapping and analytics and employ state–of-the art hardware and software applications in order to measure and manage accurate data. 


Aerial Security

In today’s world, security is a top priority. MOBTAMO Drone is proud to be making our environment a safer place – one drone at a time. Whether you’re fighting terrorism or responding to crimes, MOBTAMO drone security solutions are empowering security forces and transforming the ways they take action.


Aerial Videography and Cinematography

If you are looking for how to capture your live event such as crusade, campaigne, rally, publicity, dramma or cinema etc you are in the right place. Mobtamo specialises in aerial videography and cinematography.                     

Real Estate.

As technology continues to change the way Real Estate is bought and sold, MOBTAMO gives real estate agents the tools to stand out with aerial imagery. Showcase every listing in your portfolio from above and sell properties faster with MOBTAMO affordable and fast drone aerial data.


With Photogrammetry, you can make reliable measurements of physical objects and landscape from photographs, refine them and apply them in GIS creation, mapping and topographic 3-D models of terrains. Input data are obtained from Aerial Photography, LiDAR and Satellite Imagery. Services offered cater to versatile needs viz.


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UAV Expertise provides a unique, new method for mining and resource companies to obtain better, more accurate information about their operations. It is also safer, faster and more cost effective.We deliver a diverse range of services to many of our resources companies. Our solutions are seen as an ideal tool for mine surveying, as we generally operate from the perimeter of busy, working pits.

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