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About Us

MOBTAMO GEOSPATIAL SERVICES (MGS) under the umbrella of MOBTAMO NIGERIA LIMITED, a certified Company, a business endeavour offering innovative, value-added Engineering and Spatial Technology Solutions to our customers. We carry out our services through focused, innovative, efficient, quality products offered in all areas of spatial technology and applications. Commenced services in 2019,MGS presently has its office at Abuja, Nigeria, addressing the needs of local urban bodies, businesses and Government bodies.

We at MGS, provide you with an ultimate Geospatial Solutions with our accurate data mapping and management services. Data is at the core of what we do and we endeavour towards infusing accurately measured and calibrated data in your company’s business that can help you take crucial data driven decisions. Our crew of professionals is immensely skilled at data mapping and analytics and employ state–of-the art hardware and software applications in order to measure and manage accurate data.

MGS’ innovation leads in UAV drone geospatial data acquisition, assessment, analysis, and processing. MGS specializes in the integration of advanced drone data acquisition technologies with high performance GIS analysis and visualization tools to produce rich client specific geospatial data sets, high quality imagery, terrain feature models, geo-referenced asset inspection, and facilities management information. MGS provides data quality and coverage of infrastructure at a level of detail and accuracy not possible using previous technology

Why choose us?

We are simply the best in what we do


Our People

We are home to a dedicated and immensely skilled crew of professionals, known for their unequalled experience and technical expertise.
Our major area of specialization includes Geomatics Services, Surveillance, Agriculture and disaster Management with UAVs. MGS offers expert advice and reliable data for all geospatial needs. Discover what’s possible with MGS. Give us a call today for a free consultation. 


Who we are

We are Geomatics Professionals, Remote Sensors, GIS Specialist, and Surveyors, who use UAVs for Services, or UAVs to collect geospatial information on land and land based geographical assets, such as pipelines, refineries, roads, well sites, and bridges, using special processes, and patented techniques. Our staff use multiple platforms and specialized software to find what you are looking for. We have the team to accomplish our mission.


Wat we do

At MGS, we help you the customer make informed, actionable decisions with advanced real time data analytics and data driven services. Our data services provide the customer with Timely, Accurate and Precise, Credible, and Relevant data to make informed decisions easier and cost effective for the end user. MGS is an acknowledged industry leader in the acquisition and analysis of rich imagery acquired by remote sensing from drone platforms.


To be a global preferred leading provider of integrated geomatics and drone solutions with positive impact on the government, commercial and industrial sectors.
To offer the most innovative, flexible and cost effective geomatics and drone services driven by modern technologies to satisfy both our customers and ourselves.
Our Values
Integrity: We always deliver what is agreed on with our customers.
Innovative: We strive to find innovative solutions in close cooperation with leading specialists.
Flexible: We are always flexible to achieve the most efficient solutions for each task.


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Beyond local employment opportunities, we focus on community involvement through charitable giving, community activities and safety and education initiatives. Our charitable donations and community initiatives facilitate projects around the globe that, like our services, seek to make the world a safer and more productive place.
This strategic partnering approach allow us to work with select charitable organizations with whom our pool of resources have the best fit, such as The Shaggy & Friends Foundation for Sick Kids Hospital, and our new raising stars with the support for Tessanne Chin home coming concert in Kingston, NIgeria.


Accountability for our environmental performance rests at the highest levels of our business. We are committed to continuous improvement of our carbon footprint, operational noise levels and other facets of environment, surrounding committees & general population.


At MOBTAMO GEOSPATIAL SERVICES, our goal is to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction by meeting all contract requirements and by exceeding customer expectations.
We will be achieving these through the following processes:
Maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards in our business dealings.
Empowering our employees.
Emphasizing our core values—Integrity, Innovation and Flexible
Continuously improving our operations
Conformance to our quality management system


Mobtamo Geospatial Services, brings significant experience in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems, operations, support services, logistics and program management experience to support our client’s mission. We have the needed experience, processes and tools to support UAV missions. Our belief in platform independence allows us to forge lasting relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. Our personnel complete rigorous training alongside OEMs, gaining valuable expertise in the maintenance, operation and repair requirements of numerous platforms.As a result, we deliver expertise and a full suite of services that is only vested in your mission’s success.
Mobtamo Geospatial Services has different fleet of UAV & UAS systems, which include a wide selection of ‘vertical lift’ or multi rotor UAV’s, and long range ‘fixed wing’ UAV’s. Our UAV’s can be programmed for fully autonomous missions via closed or open source ground station systems, or manually piloted missions. Various payload capacities allows us to deploy various imaging devices and sensors for mission critical services.



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Abuja, Nigeria 


Email: support@mobtamo.com
Phone: +234 7037243494 
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