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Aerial Security and Surveillance

In today’s world, security is a top priority. MOBTAMO Drone is proud to be making our environment a safer place – one drone at a time. Whether you’re fighting terrorism or responding to crimes, MOBTAMO drone security solutions are empowering security forces and transforming the ways they take action.

An aerial perspective can be a game-changer for security teams. MOBTAMO unmanned aerial vehicles are a great choice for security because they: Allow for quick deployment. Are more cost-effective than helicopters. Offer extra-long flight times. Perform well in poor weather. Allow payloads to be swapped out to meet various needs. Best of all – MOBTAMO UAS are easy to use. Not costly, time-consuming training programs are needed. Security pros can usually learn to plan and implement missions in a matter of hours. 

  • Below are some examples of just a few ways our drones can be used for security, surveillance, and monitoring to improve public safety:
  • Anti-terror operations and Criminal investigations. 
  • Traffic surveillance and Emergency communication networks.
  • Searching for missing persons.
  • Border surveillance and Coastal surveillance. 
  • Anti-piracy operations.
  • Controlling hostile demonstrations and rioting.
  • Monitoring international summit meetings.

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